Picture Books, Toys, and Packaging Design and Illustration

Below you will find some samples of picture books, toys, and packaging I have illustrated and designed.
I am author, designer, and illustrator on some of these projects; on others I worked directly with the authors.

How to Purchase Artwork

The best children's books are the product of an artist and author
working together to tell a story. If an author simply sends their story to an artist
to "add pictures" it will be evident. The artwork and the text should
work together to tell the tale, much like a movie, expanding on a script.

So, the process begins by creating the characters. Next comes the story boards
(blocking-in the story, spread by spread) and determining the overall appearance
of the book. Upon approval of these, sometimes tighter sketches are
required, but often the final artwork will commence.

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Children's books rely on artwork to carry the story between (and beyond) the words, creating a book unique and captivating enough to stand the test of time.



All images and text on this site copyright  M. Scott Oatman and respective clients. All rights reserved.

In addition to designing and illustrating my own works, I also provide illustration for other
authors' books, apparel, and merchandise. As with my commercial work, rather than have all my work look similar,

I prefer to allow the material itself inspire the style of the artwork.

Have a question? Need an estimate? Send me an email.