M. Scott Oatman

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I design...

Logo Design and Branding

Whether for a new business, total rebranding for an existing entity, or just subtle, modifications to keep you current, I’ll help you build an effective, attractive brand.

Digital Content

In-house or online, I create content that gets shared… and works.


Exterior or interior, branding or informative, I design signage that’s gets attention, separates your brand from your competitors, and attracts customers.


Whether you need great brand apparel to promote your business, or great brand apparel is your business. I can create unique apparel that attracts attention.

and I illustrate.

Logo Design and Branding

A logo mark needs to be unique, stylized, and simple to separate you from your competitors and project your brand.

Digital Content

From light to extensive retouching, slight modfications and enhancement to completely original illustrations, memorable images speak louder than words.


Digital or Print, quarter-page or billboard, I create memorable concepts that work.

Picture Books and Stuff

I’ve illustrated (and written) funny and historical picture books. I have also designed and produced toys, apparel, furniture, and accessories.

About me

I have worked with both global corporations and local non-profits. I have met with individual decision-maker clients as well as representatives of full-blown corporate hierarchies. I’ve designed opera house seating and had the honor of creating a hand-painted ornament which hung on the White House official Christmas tree.

I design, I illustrate I paint, and I build… everything from digital billboards to kid’s toys and accessories. I’m rarely satisfied, and I stand behind my work and by my word.

And I’ll move heaven and earth to meet your deadline.

Indesign 100%
Photoshop 100%
Illustrator 100%
Animate 95%
WordPress 86%

Some brands I've worked with:

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